This alien species has briefly appeared two times in the Tuckermeows spore adventures.

The first time was in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!" where it mistook Sovester for a cow because of his black-and-white fur and abducted him. It put Sovester back on Earth after it found out that Sovester wasn't a cow


The spore creation of the Alien by Pat1196. Appears in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!"

Although Sovester's Iraqi experience turned out to be just a dream, a strikingly similar alien has appeared in a template of Freddy's house, by Pat1196. The alien appears crystalized in Freddy's lab. It looks just like the one from Sovester's dream, only it is in a pose, has red eyes, slightly different coloration, different-positioned eyes, and a larger mouth.


The red-eyed alien that appears crystalized in Freddy's lab

The alien could possibly be the same species as one of Martin's parents.