Easter Egg

The spore creation of the Easter Egg, by Pat1196


The Easter Egg appeared hidden in each part of Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! In some parts, it looked slightly different. For example, in one part, it was black and in another, it was wearing a Christmas outfit. But it generally kept the same basic appearance in each part; an Easter Egg with eyes, a pig-like mouth, and human-like feet

Whenever the player found the Easter Egg, they were able to click on the Easter Egg to "talk" to it. Every time, the Easter Egg's dialogue would include "I'm hiding in each part of the series... Can you find me each time?" Then, the Easter Egg would complain about having to say that same line in each adventure series.

Easter Egg with Weapons

The Easter Egg with weapons

Easter Egg-Black

One of the Easter Egg's "forms", seen in the adventure with the first appearance of "____"

Easter Egg-Christmas

Another disguise of the Easter Egg

The Easter Egg actually isn't an easter egg. In one adventure from Sovesters Iraqi Adventure! the Easter Egg says "Between you and me, I'm not an Easter Egg... I'm just a piece of crap with makeup on."

Hinding SpotsEdit

Here is a list of the hinding spots for the Easter eggs in SIA.

Part I: In the Tuckermeows' attic.

Part II: In the giant crap pile. Just go towards the giant nuke then turn around to see the entrance.

Part III: In Mittens' armory. Brake the back wall of his room to get into the armory.

Part IV: Kill all the shooting targets behind the sandbags and wait for it to appear.

Part V: While swimming down the lake in the end, break the rocks on your right and swim through to find it.

Part VI: In the house where the terrorists spawn. Sneak through the battle field and use the back door.

Part VII: Once in the twon, walk along the right side of the city wall until you find a monument. It will be sitting there.

Part VIII:

Part IX:

Part X:

Part XI:

Part XII:

Part XIII:

Part XIV:

Part XV:

Part XVI:

Part XVII:


Part XIX:

Part XX:

Part XXI:


Part: XXIII:

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Part XXV: