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Mittens Tuckermeow firing the Thundergun at zombies


The Thundergun is the most valuable weapon in TuckerZombies. Although it is usually given on round one for maps without upgrading allies, it is still a priority to protect the user incase of either an emergency or mass shooting. It was first introduced in Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!, "Part XXVI: ZOMBIES!!!". It is classified as a Wonder Weapon and is extremely useful during the higher rounds of the game.

Weapon DetailsEdit


The Thundergun

The Thundergun includes Energy Slash Level 2 as well as Missle Attack Level 2. These attacks are boosted

400% above their standard power, making the impact from the weapon a one-hit-kill until very late, if not the whole game. Below is a chart displaying the weapon's information:


Mittens equipped with the ThunderGun.

Missle Attack Damage 240
Energy Slash Damage 200
Energy Storage 1500
Energy Regeneration 10 per sec.
Speed Bonus (Non-Avatar)


The ZeusCannonEdit

The ZeusCannon is obtainable by Pack A Punching a character holding the Thundergun as well as reaching a certain round in which allies upgrade. It was first introduced in Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!, "Part XXVI: ZOMBIES!!!". Although this was not of the TuckerZombies series, it is still considered a legitimate map. The ZeusCannon will be obtainable in many different ways in future maps, including the Pack A Punch Machine from Call of Duty 4 and 7 (Nazi) Zombies. Below are the statistics of the ZeusCannon in comparison to the Thundergun:

Missle Attack Damage 240 360
Energy Slash Damage 200 360
Energy Storage 1500 2000
Energy Regeneration 10 per sec. 10 per sec.
Speed Bonus (Non-Avatar) -0 -0

The ZeusCannon offers extra energy storage and attack damage. Speed is not effected by the upgrade nor energy regeneration.